Private higher educational institution

“Institute of Screen Arts” (ISA) and “College of Screen Arts”

Lavrinenko Yulia Valeriivna – Rector (rector's office tel. (+38044) 599-43-30)

Lavrinenko Ihor Ivanovych - Vice-Rector for working with foreign students (mob. ph. +380637949550 (Viber, WhatsApp), mail – harrymarko71@gmail.com)

Quantity of national students – to 500

Quantity of foreign students – to 150

ISA prepares specialists of cinema, television and theater, and also directors of staged and performing arts (Junior Specialist, Bachelor, Master)

Term of studying:

Preparatory department – 7-10 months

Specialty according to the educational levels of Junior Specialist, Bachelor – 4 years

Specialty according to the educational level of Master – 1,5 year

After graduating from institute students are given an international accepted diploma of state standard.

Pedagogical conception of the institute

Each individual is a complete and unique person with innate aspiration to the development of natural abilities. Task of the Institute is to give an opportunity to creatively perspective, prone to the cinematic creative thinking entrant become a competent specialist in chosen profession. During studying students obligatory pass the practice on movies and television shooting areas, what gives an opportunity to become sure in rightness of professional choice and also gives a chance to find a workplace before completion of a full cycle of studying. Our institute prepares professional staff for cinema and television. Coming to us for studying you will receive such an acute deficiency specialty nowadays, that without a doubt find your own place on film studios and TV channels. After a long period of idle time Ukrainian film production is rapidly reviving, during several years TV series are actively being shot, but there is a shortage of personnel on Ukrainian film studios. Specialties of cinema and television are elite, unique professions, which can be learned only from people who fully own them, have many years of work experience on shooting areas. Our scientific and pedagogical staff: famous filmmakers, TV workers and theatrical educators.

Students of the Institute receive an interesting profession and guaranteed employment by the chosen specialty.

Conditions of admission of foreign citizens for studying

at the Private higher educational institution «Institute of Screen Arts» in Ukraine

For education are accepted foreigners who have complete general secondary education, do not have medical contraindications for living in climatic conditionsof Ukraine and studying at corresponding directions of training, specialties. Foreigners who studied at higher educational establishments of foreign countries are accepted for further obtaining of higher education in Ukraine on the basis of documents on the presence of a completed educational qualification level or on the basis of transcript of records from educational institutions of foreign countries.

List of documents and the order of their submission

1) application - questionnaire;

2) original and copy of the document on previous education or transcript of records from higher educational establishments of foreign country;

3) original and copy of the document (supplement to the document on education) in which information about his successfulness in academic disciplines is included;

4) copy of the document about birth;

5) medical health certificate certified by the official health authority of the country, from which the foreigner arrived, and issued not later than two months before leaving to study in Ukraine;

6) original and copy of the foreigner passport document;

7) 12 colored, matte photos of 3,5 х 4,5 sm size.

Copies of the indicated documents are provided through partner institution (educational institution) in the country of origin of the applicant, during the period of issuing an invitation for studying. Originals of documents are provided directly in the Institute after the arrival of the applicant for studying to Ukraine.

Conditions of entry into the territory of Ukraine

In the passport of foreign citizen - candidate for study a "D" visa, which they receive at the Embassies of Ukraine in the respective countries, must be issued(does not apply to countries with visa-free regime with Ukraine). To obtain an entry visa at the Embassy or the Consulate General of Ukraine candidate for studyprovides the documents listed above and the original invitation to study issued by the Institute. Enrollment for studying is carried out on the basis of an interview. An obligatory condition of enrollment for studying on the main course is a successful passing of Russian (English) language test after finishing of the preparatory course.

Attention! The same documents candidate for study provides at the point of border crossing of Ukraine. Citizens of countries of visa-free regime with Ukraine when filling out a migration card at the point of border crossing in the column «The purpose of entry to Ukraine» should indicate «studying». This card is necessary to be registered by the workers of Border Service. The card together with the passport is provided to the Institute for registration after enrollment. Candidate for study no later than 3 days before arrival informs the Institute about date of his entry to Ukraine and about the flight number of the aircraft (or train) by which he arrives.





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